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I hope you enjoy your visit and will look in again.

I was born in south Dublin and grew up a robust and adventurous child. I found all the excitement and fun I needed along the Dodder River, in the small neighbourhood of Ballsbridge where I grew up.

When I was eleven, my family moved to Donnybrook, a short distance from Ballsbridge.  Here I spent my teenage years until I married at twenty one.  My husband was in the hosiery trade so; Leicester was the ideal place to move to.

The tragic loss of my husband nearly ten years later was a devastating experience when both my children were so very young.  Life works in strange ways, five years after the loss of my first husband, I found love again.

Around that time I started to put pen to paper and published articles in newspapers and magazines.  I wrote children’s stories that were regularly broadcast on local radio.

I began writing fiction, romantic suspense ten years ago, using my Irish background as a base. I found I enjoyed it and couldn’t stop. I’m now plotting my fifth novel.

I hail from a family of writers so; it was inevitable that I was always going to be a writer.

My great aunt was a storyteller and a published poet. She emigrated to the Bronx and while she was there, she wrote a poem for President Roosevelt and he replied to her by letter.

I’m delighted to have found a publisher who likes my work. Shadow Across the Liffey and Her Father’s Daughter were e-published in 2013.  Both books will be out in print in February and June 2014. A third book, Galway Girl, is scheduled for 2014.

I now reside in rural Leicestershire with my husband, children and grandchildren.

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