Dublin Book launch!

Just returned from a wonderful book launch at Blanchardstown library in Dublin. Thanks to the friendly warm people who attend and bought my books.

Thanks also to my lovely family who came along to support me on the day.  We had a fun time and the two babies who attended with their mum, my niece, were as good as gold.

I was launching my latest book  “Where the Shamrocks Grow” and it sold really well.

The hotel we stayed at was only ten minutes away from the library which was very handy.  The problem was that my family live on the north side of the city and the

library is on the south. I had a hair-raising experience when I decided to drive across to see them on the busy M50 at six pm in the evening.  It was like a car park, only it was moving very fast. I accidentally took the wrong turning and ended up going in the opposite direction.  I drove for miles before I could get off.  Luckily I know Dublin pretty well and

followed the signs for the city.  One thing, we had an unexpected tour of the city at night.  A journey that should have taken half an hour, took an hour and a half.  We were in need of a cup of tea when we finally arrived at my nephews. I was in no state to get on that M50 again that evening, so my nephew kindly drove us back to the hotel.

However, the drive home through Wales was glorious.

Ta for now.



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