As my Dublin book launch is fast approaching, I’m sending out invitations to my Irish friends and family. I’m looking forward to meeting them again and making new friendships around Dublin.  As my books are set there, it is only natural to do a book launch where I was born and grew up, in the hope of attracting new readers to my genre, Romantic suspense. My three published books, Shadow Across the Liffey, Her father’s Daughter and Galway Girl are selling well here in the UK and I’m thrilled, and it will be lovely to introduce my work to Irish readers.

The book launch is on 5th August.  If anyone is going to be in Dublin at that time, get in touch with me and I’ll supply the details.



Ta for now



One Response to “Invitations!”

  1. Stephen says:

    Have a wonderful time at your Dublin book launch. How great to be able to celebrate your success with your family and friends in Ireland.

    I hope it does, as you say, attract more readers. It’s so great that your books are selling so well and so many are enjoy your fantastic stories!

    Well done!

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