New Novel

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I’m delighted to announce that my new novel Where the Shamrock Grows is due for release on Tuesday 2nd. September 2014 Set in 1917 Dublin. This is a story of a young woman’s fight for freedom and independence against the backdrop of Irish civil War. The story is woven into Irish history and the America depression during the stock market crash of 1929 I very much hope that readers’ of my three previous books will enjoy reading, Where the Shamrocks Grow.  You might need a few tissues if you do.   Ta for now...

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Exciting times!

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Hello, I’m sorry I’ve been absent for a while. Firstly, I had forgotten how to access my dashboard to write a new blog. And secondly I’ve been away in Dublin promoting my books. I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful English summer. I’ve just had my first short break to Ireland in three years and it was very enjoyable. I went by car to Holyhead with my husband Dennis. We stopped in Shrewsbury overnight at the Holiday Inn Express.  I bought a Sat Nav even though I know the way, having made the journey several times before. I wanted to hear the voice telling me where to go.  It was fun, but it didn’t find the Holiday Inn because it was situated on a new business park with an unknown road. However, thanks to a kind lady who gave us precise directions, I found my way there. It was friendly and comfortable for a one night stay before we continued towards Holyhead. The sun shone all the way, and Irish Ferries were brilliant making sure we were parked close to a lift on board the Ulysses. Needless to say, we got a warm Irish welcome once we arrived at my nephews before we settled into our hotel, the Hilton, on the Malihide Road, about two miles away. We were lucky with the weather except for Tuesday morning, we woke to torrential rain that eventually fizzled out, and the day turned warm  and sunny. That evening we had a wonderful Irish book launch, different to any book launch I’d ever been to. My nephew erected a marquee out the back. I met my lovely publisher Kemberlee, and Peter Shortland, Tirgearr Publishing in the flesh. A turn out of 40 and a sale of 30 books was very rewarding. Then 9 more sales the following day. Irish goodbyes are long and emotional. Already I want to go back.  A brief catch up with my family went all too quickly. Made new friends with readers and book club ladies. The return journey was sunny and warm with beautiful scenery through Wales. We stopped in Bets-y-Coed packed with tourists. Stayed for an hour and a half,  for tea, scones and ice-cream. Then another stop on the way to take in Wales beautiful scenery before continuing our drive home. Hope to post some pictures soon on Facebook.  www.facebook/cathymansell4  So keep looking. Cathy  ...

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As my Dublin book launch is fast approaching, I’m sending out invitations to my Irish friends and family. I’m looking forward to meeting them again and making new friendships around Dublin.  As my books are set there, it is only natural to do a book launch where I was born and grew up, in the hope of attracting new readers to my genre, Romantic suspense. My three published books, Shadow Across the Liffey, Her father’s Daughter and Galway Girl are selling well here in the UK and I’m thrilled, and it will be lovely to introduce my work to Irish readers. The book launch is on 5th August.  If anyone is going to be in Dublin at that time, get in touch with me and I’ll supply the details.     Ta for now...

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DUBLIN book launch!

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Hello, I’m back. I’d forgotten my login details. Silly me! Lots of good things happening.  I’m looking forward to my  Dublin book launch in August and meeting up with my publisher and my family. My books are doing amazingly well.  Shadow Across the Liffey has sold 2200 copies for this month so far on This has had a knock-on affect on my other two books, Her Father’s Daughter, and latest release Galway Girl.  A fourth book, Where the Shamrock Grows will be released by Tirgearr Publishing on 2nd. September, and I’m busy writing my fifth book. Most of the day is taken up with writing and promoting my books, as well as looking after my family.  Most published authors will tell you the same.  If you don’t promote your work it won’t sell. It’s a simple as that.   But it’s not all work and no play. I’m going to the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s conference in Telford in July.  I love meeting up with all my writing friends.  We usually have a great time at the Gala dinner on Saturday night, when everyone dresses up in sparkly outfits. Be back soon, Ta for now....

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Shadow Across the Liffey

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I’m sorry if some of you are having difficulty getting into some of the blog posts.  Some bloggers want you to prove who you are, which is understandable.  And some times you have to open an account, as I did with Google, to leave a comment on Carol Burnsides blog. Have a good day.   Ta for now   Cathy...

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Virtual blog tour 14th April – 25th April

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These are the blogs I’ ll be on for anyone wishing to visit and leave a comment, or just read the posts. 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th                ...

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I’m back!

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Sorry I’ve been away so long.  I’ve been busy promoting my books going from eBook into library large print and paperback. Isn’t the weather glorious.  I’m hoping to get out in the fresh air later today once I’ve finished what I have to do.  Who knows how long this lovely weather will last. The library launch party on the 28th March was amazing, and I was thrilled so many people turned up and then kindly bought a copy of large print Her Father’s daughter and Shadow Across the Liffey.  I had a great time and lots of people emailed to say that they did too. Photos on facebook. I’m planning another library  launchin June when Shadow Across the Liffey will be out in large print and Her Father’s Daughter in paperback. And I’m really looking forward to Dublin in August.  This will be great fun and exciting too.  My publishing is planning to be there as well as the sales manager for Irish libraries. I’ve just received an new contract for Where the Shamrock Grows.  Can’t help getting excited.  And with Galway Girl is due for release on May 13th I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for looking in and I’ll be back again soon. Ta for now X...

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I’m having my first book launch on Friday 28th March at Lutterworth library to celebrate my two books. Shadow Across the Liffey, and Her Father’s Daughter have gone from e-books to library large print and paperback in the space of a year.  60 tickets have been sold for the library launch. I’m thrilled, is putting it mildly, and I’m still pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Tirgearr Publishing, an e-book publisher from Ireland, e-published both books last year, and will bring both out in paperback this year to coincide with library large print. My third book Galway Girl will be released in May. I’m looking forward to meeting my friends and readers at the launch and will be back with a follow up after the launch night. Wish me luck. Ta for...

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I would like to thank Linda Mitchelmore for inviting me to take part in the My Writing Process blog tour. You can discover more on Linda and her writing process on her blog 1)  What am I working on? I’ve just sent my current novel “Galway Girl” off to my publisher and awaiting edits. But, I have a new novel going on inside my head.  I’m getting to know some of the characters and the setting.  I have kind of planned the whole novel in my mind. And I’m excited about starting to write it. I have no idea if it will work at this stage, but I’m looking forward to the research that will be involved.  I’m hoping it will take me across the sea yet again to the city where I was born, as well as other places of interest.  My characters rarely stay in the same place throughout the book.   I’m planning to have a new website created in the New Year. And I can’t wait to see the finished product.  It will enable me to promote myself in a clearer light and show off my work to its best advantage. 2)  How does my work differ from others of its genre? Well, I don’t know, except to say that I write Irish romantic suspense. I aim to find a good story and then set my characters in a setting that they will feel comfortable in.  All authors regardless of what they write about have their own special brand and style. I write about what I know and places I am familiar with, set in the 50s/60s.  I sometimes use a working title and then choose an Irish title when the book is completed.  “Galway Girl” is my first historical set in 1900. 3)  Why do I write what I do? I love to write about bygone days.  When people read my books I want them to feel a sense of nostalgia for the clothes, food and a social way of life that has totally vanished. I also want them to appreciate what it was like for women, back then, with little or no choices apart from marriage and rearing a family. 4)   How does your writing process work? Before I was published, my writing day was nine in the morning, right through the day, until I was forced to quit at the end of the day.  But, now that I’m a published author, other, equally important, things have taken over, such as promotion.  This makes the writing process less but it’s a necessity if you want to sell books.   I answer important emails first thing, then do some writing, and later in the day go onto the internet and start promoting. Return to writing and editing while keeping an eye on certain blogs I’m on, or someone I know is on. I juggle my way through the day in this fashion, doing a little bit of everything.   In the evening I go on facebook and twitter and other network sites.  By then, I’m too tired to be creative, so I stay on the circuit, but really wish I was writing my book. Following me on the blog tour will be Liv Thomas and Liz Harris. Liv thinks her life is pretty ordinary,...

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